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The Nasty flu season is getting deadlier: Protect yourself

Flu has hit every state in the US as of today. If you’re not sick, it is likely that some of your friends, family members, or colleagues are.  In California, flu deaths are climbing, hospitals are being described as a “war zone” of flu patients. Alabama has declared a public health emergency over the flu. Most tragically, seniors […]

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UMHCS High touch Medical transportation is Exactly What You Are Looking For

If your wife, husband, parents or grandparents have given up the car keys, you may find yourself taking time off work to drive them to medical  and or dental appointments. Juggling work, scheduling and driving them to their medical appointments can be really challenging. And what if you're sick to drive them? We can help. [...]
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How you can take advantage of massive savings on medical transportation with UMHCS

Meet Jack. Jack joined the UMHCS family in March of 2017. He’s a regular dialysis patient who lives about 20 miles from his dialysis center. Jack’s schedule includes three appointments a week (roughly 12 appointments a month, or 150 a year). Jack is 60-years-old and on Medicaid. As a wheelchair user, he often needs assistance [...]
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Celebrating ( and Supporting ) Our Caregivers Chart: Umhcs Caregivers in numbers So, what is the solution? It’s simple. Let us help you! We’re here to help prevent caregiver burnout. Caregiving can literally be a 24/7 job, both emotionally draining and physically exhausting. It can also be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.  But there comes a time [...]
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Get the latest of us and our activities through video updates. Responsive WordPress Video Gallery Plugin FirstName (required) Your Email (required) Phone number If you’re the primary caregiver for a loved one with cancer, long-term disability, renal disease, serious injuries, or an aging disorder, you can experience the peace of mind you deserve without feeling [...]
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Why are Baby Boomers looking for Care far beyond their Dr’s office?

Healthcare in the U.S. is in a constant state of flux, as the implementation (and current dismantling) of the Affordable Healthcare Act has many scratching their heads wondering what comes next. Baby boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) are at the heart of the conversation. Most of them have reached or are close to [...]
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Winners of UMHCS Veterans Pickleball Classic 2017

Universal Mobile Healthcare Systems team says a Big Thank You to our Partners and Participants.  See you next year! Here is the list of winners: Men's Doubles 30-59 y/o - S. Austin/D. Noble - A. Blanche/M. Dawes - J.Kenny/H. Trone Men's Doubles 60-79 y/o - T. Henry/J. Clark - R. Rash/W. Brooks - H.Corle/C. Lucas [...]
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