Friends & Family Referral Rewards

Friends & Family Referral Rewards

We love it when our members say great things about UMHCS to their friends and family.  We love it even more, when we can say thank you and award you for helping us grow our medical concierge services.  We’ve put together a special program called, “Friends and Family Referral Rewards,” to recognize your efforts in inviting others to join and enjoy UMHC’s medical concierge services.   The incentive is simple and here’s our it works.

When you refer UMHCS’s Medical Concierge to a friend or a family member, and when he/she becomes a member, you receive 100% off your monthly membership fee. If you refer ten (10) new members your received 100% off your yearly fee.  On your eleventh (11th) new member, your award is $30 cash/member.

See below:

Number of New Members Signed Reward
1 1-month free membership, $5 cash
10 1-year free membership, plus $50 cash
From 11th  member* $30 cash/member

* Within 12 month period.

Whether you’ve signed ten (10) or one-hundred hundred (100) new members or more, you’ll always have ten (10%) of the new membership fee.  In addition, for those who reach the one-hundred (100) new member mark, we feel you deserve a special recognition, a one-time $300 check.

This referral rewards is our way of saying thanks for sharing your positive experiences with your friends and family members.

UMHCS Management Team

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